I’ve had some wonderful recent 4* and 5* reviews coming in for Highland Arms and Silent Deception. A big THANK YOU goes to all the lovely people who took time to read and review my books! I’m delighted you enjoyed them.

Praise for Highland Arms:

“Well developed characters, interesting plot, overall an excellent escape!!”
~ 5* Goodreads reader review

“Love, lust and adventure in the Highlands… A great read.” 
~ 5* Amazon reader review

“A highland romance with lots of adventure . Well worth reading.”
~ 4* Amazon reader review

“Full of intrigue and adventure”
~ 5* Goodreads reader review

“Recommended for long, cold winter nights”
~ 5* review by June Gundlack, author


 Praise for Silent Deception:

“Thoroughly Enjoyable Victorian Gothic Novella”
~ 5* review by Francine Howarth, author

“A romance and a long un-resolved mystery”
~ 5* Goodreads reader review

“Will read another story from this author”
~ 5* Amazon reader review

Thank you!

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