I’m absolutely thrilled to share the cover for my new novel, Love Lost in Time, due out in autumn 2017. My thanks goes to Debbie at The Cover Collection for her suggestions and the beautiful, final design. And here it is:

Love Lost in Time is a timeslip mystery romance, set in the Languedoc in the south of France. Switching between the present day and the late 8th century, when the area was known as Septimania, it is a tale of two women, separated by time, but bound to the same location – for very different reasons!


AD 2016
Languedoc, France

According to her mother’s will, historian Maddie Winters must live in her house in southern France for one year before she can claim her inheritance – and sell it! Reluctantly leaving her small, modern flat in York, England, she sets out to renovate the house in the hope of making it more attractive for future buyers.

What Maddie does not expect to find are human bones under the kitchen floor! Carbon dating proves they are of a woman who lived over a millennium earlier. But with no evidence of a graveyard or a chapel nearby, just how did she end up buried, all alone, in that particular spot overlooking the plains of the Languedoc?

When Maddie begins to have nightmares about ancient battles and burning lands, she delves deeper into local history with the help of vineyard owner and part-time firefighter Guy Cabrol. But not all stories are written down, and she discovers a disturbing tale kept secret since the turbulent days of Charlemagne’s reign.

AD 774

16-year old Adelaïs attends Charlemagne’s Easter court with her father, where she meets Bellon of Carcassonne. Unimpressed by the blustering young warrior, Adelaïs is shocked when Charlemagne and her father arrange their wedding as a gesture of ensuring Bellon’s support in the volatile region. Despite his Visigoth origins, Bellon becomes Count of Carcassonne, and Adelaïs finds her life changed beyond recognition.

However, Adelaïs must keep her calling as a healer and wise woman – roles now maligned by the Church – from her husband, and, in disguise, she visits those in need of her help. Then, one day, she disappears…

Readers of Kate Mosse’s Labyrinth might enjoy the setting of Love Lost in Time.


Love Lost in Time will be available in ebook and paperback formats in autumn 2017.


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