Follow me to the past... times of rebellion and intrigues!

Love Lost in Time

A tale of love, loss and redemption

Love Lost in Time is an award-winning dual-timeline story set in Carcassonne, south of France.

The discovery of ancient bones reveals a dark secret
from the past...

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A Highland Captive

Abducted not once, but twice

A Highland Captive won a Readers’ Award at Chill with A Book.

Isobel  is abducted to be married to an enemy of her father.
Cailean saves her and takes her to his keep on
the isle of Eorsa, but Isobel has plans of her own...

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Doorways to the Past

A journey through time

Doorways to the Past is an anthology of short stories
and character interviews by five Ocelot Press authors.

Travel from Roman Caledonia to medieval France,
to Renaissance Italy, onwards to the island
of Corsica during WWI, and
finally back to England...

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Cathie Dunn

Bringing the past to life...

My novels have been praised for their
authentic descriptions of the past.

Let me take you to Jacobite Scotland,
medieval England and the distant times
of southern Francia...