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Love Lost in Time

AD 2016
Languedoc, France

Historian Maddie Winters is made to live in her late mother’s house in southern France for one year before she can inherit the extensive property – and sell it! Resigned, she sets out to renovate the house in the meantime. What she did not expect to find were human bones under the kitchen floor! Carbon dating proves they are of a woman who lived over a millennium ago. But with no evidence of a graveyard or a chapel, just how did she end up buried alone in that particular spot overlooking the plains?

When Maddie begins to have nightmares about ancient battles and burning lands, she delves deeper into local history with the help of local vineyard owner and part-time firefighter, Guy Marcoul. But not all stories are written down, and she discovers a disturbing tale kept secret since Charlemagne’s days.

AD 774

16-year old Adelaïs, cousin to Charlemagne, is called to court where she meets Bellon of Carcassonne. At first, she is not impressed with the blustering young warrior, but nonetheless, her cousin arranges their wedding as a gesture of ensuring Bellon’s support. Soon after, Bellon is elevation to count, despite his Visigoth origins, and Adelaïs finds herself the first countess of Carcassonne.

But when Septimanian Visigoths rise against the conquerors, Adelais is forced to take sides. Secretly, she supports the uprising against her cousin’s forces. Then, she disappears…


Lost in Time is a time-slip novel set in the Languedoc in the south of France, a region known for its history – and excellent wine! Inspired by the real story of a neighbour who found human bones dating back to medieval times below their kitchen floor, I simply had to use it in a novel! Add a dash of the paranormal, a history nut heroine, and a dashing local hero, and I found the perfect mix.


Dark Deceit Sequel (title tbc)


Continuing the adventures of Geoffrey, Alleyne and their friends and foes, this time in Normandy where Geoffrey helps the count of Anjou to conquer and gain the duchy, and the île de France where Alleyne meets Louis VII and his formidable young wife, Eleanor of Aquitaine.

Oh, and Geoffrey faces Will at the siege of Arques, one of the last strategic places in Normandy to be conquered by the Angevins.

Settled in Geoffrey’s manor of Nonant with their young daughter, Adelise, Geoffrey and Alleyne find themselves again pawns on the chess board of medieval politics between France and England.


This is the long-awaited sequel to Dark Deceit, a medieval romantic adventure set during the English civil war of the 12th century, also known as The Anarchy.



Word Count 2018

  • Love Lost in Time
  • Dark Deceit sequel
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