Treachery ~ Sprota's Story

The second novel in the series about women of the early House of Normandy, Treachery is the story of Sprota the Breton.

Saved by William Longsword, Poppa and Hrólfr's son, from a violent attack, Sprota finds her livelihood up in smoke. She leaves Brittany and follows William to Rouen, where she tries to establish her business. But her budding relationship with William sees her ostracised, and he moves her to Fécamp, where she becomes his wife in more danico, and where, in August 932, she gives birth to William's heir, Richard.

But ten years later, when William is betrayed and her son's life is in danger, Sprota must agree to a pact to keep Richard safe. But the vultures are gathering...

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The Alchemist's Daughter

Discover the dark side of Paris during the reign of King Louis XIV!


When Anne's abusive husband is found dead in a ditch after an evening in the tavern, her parents bring her home to work in their apothecary shop. But something about his death strikes her as suspicious...

Potions & poisons

Poisons go missing in her father's apothecary shop, but as his mind is on his alchemistic experiments, it's up to Anne to find out what's happening. But when he falls ill, she realises that danger is lurking from within her home.


Jacques, a spy for the Lieutenant General, continues to follow the trails of his suspects: priests, nuns, and fortune-tellers. Will he finally be able to bring Guibourg to justice, and lay Fleur's soul to rest?

The Monk's Secret

A Loup de Foix Mystery

A Murderer Strikes

When a monk is murdered in a taverna in Rome, young Loup de Foix discovers he has a talent for uncovering secret plots. But soon, his life is at risk.

The Holy City

The Fourth Lateran Council in Rome has begun. The counts of Toulouse and Foix are anxious to hear the Holy Father's verdict. Meanwhile, the trail of the monk's murderer leads Loup to a powerful man...

A Race against Time

Time is running out as the Pope's decision leaves Loup's father, the count of Foix, exposed to danger. Loup desperately tries to solve the murder, and to exonerate his father and the count of Toulouse. Will they escape Rome with their lives?

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