Join me in my journey from the lavish court of King Louis XIV to the murky underworld of Paris!

Not all that glitters is gold! 

Beneath the veneer, you find dark plots and deadly intrigues. I will take you to the dark backstreets of Paris, where a large network of plotters, poisoners, fortune tellers and alchemists are only to happy to help those who seek high positions, inheritances, influence at court – and even the love of the king!

The Affair of the Poisons shook the Sun King’s court, and investigations in the late 1670s revealed so much, they were shut down in the early 1680s – before too many secrets from those closest to the king could be uncovered!

In this series, we will explore the real women and men who were involved on both sides, by procuring or selling potions and poisons, to black masses where newborn infants were said to have been sacrificed. The higher the stakes, the darker the deeds! 

So please follow me into this shadowy world…