Dark London (Volume One)

Dark London Volume One: nine gripping short stories that leave you gasping for breath as London’s dark side is revealed!


Darkness lurks beneath London’s glittering surface…

Discover London’s dark side in a new collection of short stories written by award-winning and international bestselling authors!

Let us take you from Golders Green, in a tale of redemption, to Hope’s End, the final stop on a rambling Tube ride.

Then head to Jack the Ripper’s Whitechapel where you learn of an unforeseen murder – and not only one, as women fall prey to the most brutal crimes!

Onwards, we head to the shores of the River Thames, where a young girl fears a sea monster and always carries a knife. Then you visit a pub where the owner is losing the plot.

A Tube ride with an unexpected twist leads to a vision from the past. Then we introduce you to a ghost who stalks her friends.

Lastly, discover the splendour of Westminster Palace, but is it a safe place for a woman with her sights on the English throne?

Dark London is published through Darkstroke Books, and is available in Kindle and paperback formats.

Delve into the dark side of London in this collection of historical and contemporary tales…