Doorways to the Past

Follow us on a journey through time: from Roman Britannia to medieval England and France, over to Renaissance Italy, then back to Corsica and France in WWI, and ending in present-day England!


Walk with us through Doorways to the Past!

Your journey begins in Roman Britain where Ruoridh discovers something that confused him at the fortress of Pinnata Castra, and where you’ll meet Gaius Salvius Liberalis, who tells us about his life as a legate.

Cross the Channel into 8th-century France, where Lady Nanthild shares glimpses into a life fraught with danger. Set foot on thin ice with the Empress Matilda in 12th-century Oxford, and discover if Judd can save Hannah from the desires of a notorious reiver in the tumultuous border lands between England and Scotland in the 15th century.

Then meet Tom at Nottingham Castle in July 1485 – an ominous time for his lord, King Richard III. Onwards, travel to beautiful Italy during the Renaissance where you meet Fra’ Roberto and Fra’ Lorenzo before you’ll jump through time into 18th-century Marseille where Francesca, a young Florentine lady disowned by her family, strives to make a living.

We remain in France where Maria’s path takes her from her home, the breathtaking island of Corsica, to the dangers of the Western Front in World War I. You’ll approach the end of your journey in the present day where John and Marie wrestle with staging a play set in Ancient Rome, and, lastly, meet a history-loving grandmother with an amazing gift.

Take a journey through time, with our collection of short stories and character interviews for readers who enjoy discovering the past, from the comfort of your home.

Doorways to the Past is available in Kindle and paperback formats on Amazon.

A very talented group of authors.

~ Shani Struthers, author of the Psychic Surveys series