Silent Deception

A young heiress discovers an old secret when she inherits an old manor house on the coast of Cornwall…


An unexpected inheritance. Ghostly voices from the past. An old secret revealed.

Having inherited a family estate she’d never heard of, Minerva Goodridge travels to Cornwall to take charge of her new home. But fatal memories lurk in the shadows of Trekellis Manor. As the locals keep away from the house, Minnie accepts the help of a stranger. Can she trust him?

Gideon Drake, 8th Earl of Rothdale, is on a mission to uncover a family secret linked to Trekellis Manor. But the arrival of Minerva, the new owner, disrupts his investigation. Attracted to the headstrong heiress, he decides to take action – and ends up uncovering more than he expected.

Gideon must weigh up his family’s reputation against Minnie’s, but will the revelations tear them apart?

Silent Deception is a romantic Victorian suspense novella set in Cornwall.

Silent Deception is available in a range of ebook formats and in paperback on Amazon.

“Feisty heroine, a man with secrets, mystery . . . and beautiful Cornwall!”

~ Joanna Gawn, author of The Lazuli Portals