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History plays a large part in my works. I have taken certificate courses in Scottish Studies, Tudor Studies and other history modules at universities. The eras I focus on are full of turmoil and change. Charlemagne, The Anarchy, The Scottish Wars of Independence, Jacobite rebellions… Let me take you back in time!


In times of strife, of shifting loyalties, dangers lurk not only in dark corners, but also at court, in your home keep or manor, or on a journey. Ladies are abducted for their inheritance, or married off for political or personal gain. Knights are bound to their lords by homage, whilst Highlanders plot rebellions against the king.


It’s all about the ’frisson’, the tension between a hero and a heroine. It certainly wasn’t easy to live in those times, with marriages usually arranged for convenience – from kings and queens to nobles and down to burgesses. So when fate throws two people together under tense circumstances, romance tends to ruin any best-laid plans…

What readers say…

“Cathie Dunn brings the era to life!”Sue Barnard, author of Heathcliff

“…a very enjoyable book from start to finish.”Nancy Jardine, author of The Celtic Fervour Series

“Readers of historical fiction will love every page of this exciting story.”Readers Favorite 5* review

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