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Doorways to the Past

Follow us on a journey through time: from Roman Britannia to medieval England and France, over to Renaissance Italy, then back to Corsica and France in WWI, and ending in present-day England!

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Dark London (Volume One)

Dark London Volume One: nine gripping short stories that leave you gasping for breath as London’s dark side is revealed!

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Love Lost in Time

Award-winning dual-timeline mystery
"Ms Dunn brings the past to life"
Sue Barnard, author of Heathcliff

The Monk’s Secret

Rome, Italy

November 1215

Fifteen-year-old Loup de Foix, illegitimate son of the count de Foix, attends the Fourth Lateran Council in Rome with his father, and the count de Toulouse, to reclaim lands confiscated by the Church.

When he witnesses a monk’s sudden death, Loup begins to wonder if the tall man dressed in a black cloak with his hood drawn to cover his face, who’d spoken to the monk only moments earlier, has anything to do with it.

Who is the stranger? And why did the monk look so anxious before he died?

When suspicion falls first on Toulouse, then on Foix, Loup delves deeper into the murky underground of Rome, a city bustling with visitors from across the continent and beyond. 

Then he sees the man in the black cloak in the company of Guy de Montfort, Toulouse’s accuser and brother of the persecutor of the heretics, Simon, and he realises his father and Toulouse are in grave danger. 

Can Loup identify the killer and link him to Montfort? Or will justice wither in the Holy See?

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