Love Lost in Time

A Tale of Love, Death and Redemption.


AD 2018

Languedoc, south-western France

Madeleine Winters must live in her late mother’s old stone house in south-western France for one hear before she can claim her inheritance – and sell it! Reluctantly leaving her life in England, she begins to renovate the house, to make it more attractive to future buyers. But she’s not prepared for all the discoveries…

Is it her imagination when she hears a woman’s voice? Or when the ground shakes? But then, vineyard owner Léon Cabrol witnesses it too, and the mystery deepens. 

Meanwhile, as works on the kitchen start, ancient human bones belonging to a female are found beneath the old floor. How did the woman end up buried, without a sarcophagus and all alone, in that particular spot in the Cabardès hills? And why were her bones broken?

AD 774

Septimania, on the coast of the Mediterranean Sea

16-year-old Adelaïs attends Charlemagne’s court with her father, where she is introduced to Bellon of Carcassonne. Unimpressed by the blustering young warrior, Adelaïs is shocked when Charlemagne and her father arrange their wedding as a gesture of ensuring Bellon’s support in the king’s conquest of the volatile southern region of Septimania. 

Despite his Visigoth origins, Bellon is installed as Count of Carcassonne, and he soon has to face repeated challenges to Frankish rule in the area that often keep him away from home – and his family. He leaves his young wife in charge of the small fortified settlement.

Bellon’s absences make it easy for Adelaïs to keep her calling as a healer and wise woman – roles now maligned by the Church – from him, and, in disguise and with the help of her trusted companions, she continues to visit those in need of her help. 

But one day, Adelaïs doesn’t return…

Readers of Kate Mosse or Catherine de Courcy might enjoy the setting of Love Lost in Time.

Love Lost in Time will be available in ebook and paperback formats in the autumn of 2019.


Love Lost in Time – Excerpt:

The first notes of Schubert’s Ave Maria sent a shiver down her spine. It always did. Genevieve had loved classical music.

She lowered her fork, closed her eyes, and let the music wash over her. It was special. It even added a peaceful atmosphere to the house. It turned more…homely? It seemed to her that she shared more traits with her mother than she’d been aware of. Disturbing!

Maddie blinked and stared into the room, her vision zooming in and out. For some reason, she didn’t feel alone. Her skin was covered in goosebumps. The air grew thick with the scent of rosemary and lavender, and a warm feeling washed over her. The music drifted into the background, and a loud buzzing noise took its place.
Always the level-headed historian, she didn’t believe in ghosts, but she thought she would recognise Genevieve if she decided to visit.

This wasn’t her mother.

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