Love Lost in Time

The discovery of ancient bones reveals a dark secret from the past…


A Tale of Love, Death and Redemption…

AD 2018

Languedoc, southern France

Madeleine Winters discovers ancient female bones under her kitchen floor. How did the woman end up buried, all alone, in that particular spot in the Cabardès hills? 

And why was her back broken?

AD 777

Septimania, on the coast of the Mediterranean Sea

Seventeen-year-old Nanthild must marry Count Bellon of Carcassonne, a Visigoth, as part of his peace agreement with Charlemagne. As a wise-woman, she continues to visit those in need of her help during Bellon’s frequent absences. But dangers lurk on her journeys…

Love Lost in Time is available in Kindle and paperback formats.

“Dunn has penned a very bold and ambitious book, and yet, she has scrumptiously balanced the two eras and made both periods utterly compelling.”

~ Coffee Pot Book Club Award


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